energy movement, healing, and clearing:
negative imprints of the past, ghost inhabitants, paranormal activity

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Tysa Goodrich
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Tysa's lifelong sensitivity to the presence of spirit, combined with other career focuses in music and songwriting, brings a unique symmetry to her readings. She taps into your personal mythology while assisting you in initiating deeper levels of personal connection with departed loved ones, or those in transition. Tysa's ability as an emotional empath enables her to experience and communicate difficult feelings and tender feelings on both sides, while she creates a space for healing, tends to the heart's beautiful joys and sadnesses, and calls for assistance from the other side.

In her work as a medium, Tysa slips into an altered state similar to trance channeling, but stays present with the person she is reading for, keeping her eyes open while maintaining a bridge of communication.

When Tysa was four years old, her father accepted his first church as minister in a small rural town in Indiana. The church's structure itself was old. And suitably enough, so was its congregation. There was a steady stream of church members crossing over. It was on Sunday mornings, while sitting in the designated front pew with her mother and little brother, that Tysa first encountered the spirits of the dead. As she diligently tried to obey the hard-and-fast rule set down by her parents—to pay attention during her father's sermon and not distract others by fidgeting—the attentive little girl, unmoving, sensed a lot of spirit activity around the pulpit... spirits that often carried emotions not considered proper inside church walls.