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negative imprints of the past, ghost inhabitants, paranormal activity

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Tysa Goodrich
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* * During this coronavirus covid-19 global crisis I am offering intuitive/medium phone sessions at a discount:
15 minutes = $25, 30 minutes = $45, 45 minutes = $60, 1 hour = $75. I am solely working from home, and heeding the "stay at home" order to protect myself and others, and save lives. Please be safe everyone.

Payments through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or credit card over the phone.

Tysa's lifelong sensitivity to the presence of spirit, combined with other career focuses in music and songwriting, brings a unique symmetry to her readings. She taps into your personal mythology while assisting you in initiating deeper levels of personal connection with departed loved ones, or those in transition. Tysa's ability as an emotional empath enables her to experience and communicate difficult feelings and tender feelings on both sides, while she creates a space for healing, tends to the heart's beautiful joys and sadnesses, and calls for assistance from the other side.

For general readings Tysa utilizes her intuitive abilities to help you connect with your spiritual guidance, offering important messages of personal growth. She works with crystals to help guide the flow of information, and set the resonance for your reading. She also works with a pendulum. Tysa can help you clear resistances to living your dream, and open you to where you need more love and healing. Other areas of focus include meditation, soul's journey and soul retrieval, enneagram, creativity and intuition.

When Tysa was four years old, her father accepted his first church as minister in a rural town in Indiana. It was in that setting—her earliest memories—where her sensitivity to spirit was first notable and strong. Some of the encounters (sensings) were difficult. It wouldn't take long before those perceptions would dim, in the rigors of childhood. They woke up again in Tysa's early twenties, when she began touring as a rock keyboardist and vocalist. While on the road, she devoured every book she could find on metaphysics and mysticism, did her research in hotel rooms by day, and performed with bands at night. She learned to meditate, heal, and realign her intuitive abilities, her connection to spirit world, and to her soul. As an intuitive counselor and medium, she is empathic, gentle, and a compassionate healer who helps bring a sense of future to her clients, giving them ways to navigate their changing world.