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Working Magic with Crystals - Crystal Grids

How to work with crystals, plus making crystal grids

The above cognac-colored citrine is a 45-lb ancient one/shining one. It is so dark that without light you cannot see through it. In the photo (with two light sources) you can see the bubbling cauldron in its base. It is a powerhouse manifestor, resonator, and healer crystal.

All crystals can gather, hold and release energy, as well as balance and harmonize resonance. They can amplify and/or focus the very force of our drives and desires, helping us direct manifestation. But citrines are unique in that they do not hold negative energy (citrine and kyanite). Citrine also has a particular acumen for transcendent magic, for lifting us out of a situation.

Crystal Grids for working personal and global magic/healing

Healing and Soothing of California Fires

This grid includes Lemurian Lantern (behind red candle), Rose Quartz. Ancinet One honey citrine with tourmaline base (lying down), and a quartz generator with 3-tiered cascading veils, and message plate cauldron. It is a connection stone, especially to tradition and mysticism.

2001 Healing and Manifesting Crystal Grid - post 9-11

This grid includes Lemurian Lantern and Rose Quartz (representing twin towers), 45-lb citrine shining one (from above), rutilated quartz, abundance quartz generator with green tourmaline (front), and large sodalite sphere representing earth. Captured through the camera viewfinder was the rainbow energy swirl above the grid.

July 23 Sirius rising grid, built on most powerful day of the year

Like many of my crystal grids, I combine both personal and global dreams, healing requests and intimacy grids, each section with its own talisman, all of which form one giant grid. I often use wands and faden crystals to connect the parts together. In this combo grid I use a Lemurian natural point wand (angled upward) to connect two of the individual talismans. Included in this overall creation is a Lemurian Lantern, Magician's Spirit Crystal and Freedom Stone (dark sensual citrine), rose quartz, one small carved crystal skull, rutilated clear quartz sphere, amethyst elestial.

April 2014 grid, built for creativity (love's work) and global healing

At the center of this 3-talisman grid is a citrine programmer generator with crystal skull consciousness, and amethyst elestial to represent Faerie realm. Also a powerful Ancient One Dream Weaver/Ancient's Intensity Stone.

Grid built for music career and possible move to Nashville

There is a particularly beautiful smoky quarts with a tree branch of tourmaline inside, as well as the sensuous dark citrine generator (Magician's Spirit Crystal and Freedom Stone).

Creating Grids using Talismans, Mandalas or Sigiles

Provenance of Crystals

Using a pendulum for grid making
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Crystal Grid workshop in Nashville (Dec 2018) pdf flier

White Buffalo grid


Personal mandala - vortex of energy

Passion, Creativity, and Forgiveness

Capicitance grid for Peace, using magic squares

Back when growing and changing was via cassettes 2004 Malibu, CA