Tysa Goodrich - TESTIMONIALS

Public Events Reviews

"Tysa did a wonderful job at my daughter's 16th birthday party! She was very accommodating as I was asking her to do shorter readings so we could get as many kids in as possible. The kids really loved it and they all said she said very accurate things that she would've had no way of knowing! I would use her again and highly recommend her!"
--Erin K, Franklin, Tennessee

"When we decided to get married, I told my fiancee that if we were having a big wedding, I wanted it to be the best party our guests had ever been to, with lots of entertainment, including 3 bands, a magician roaming through the proceedings, a henna artist, and Tysa doing readings. Having had sessions with Tysa privately and being very impressed, I wanted her to be part of our wedding celebration. We set up a tent for her and she had a line out the door for the entire reception. She was one of the reasons people had such a great time at our wedding. Of our 175 guests, I would guess she read for nearly half of them and everyone was thrilled with the experience, raving to both of us about it. We get comments to this day - 2 and a half years later - about our wedding, and Tysa's presence was a very special part of it. Thank you Tysa!."
--Scott Sobol, Los Angeles, California

"Tysa was incredible. She so astounded everyone at our holiday party that I had to have her stay longer. There were people who had to see her twice because she read into them so well. I would have her again in a New York minute. She's that good and that personal."
--L. Nefouse, Carmel, Indiana

Private Readings Testimonials

"Tysa is absolutely a wonderful person! My first experience with Tysa was over a decision I had to make about selling some furniture online (very silly and funny when I think back about it, but we laughed over it!). The moment I met her we instantly connected. I have been receiving readings from her for serval years now because she truly listens without judgement and tells me the truth. She helps me understand situations, gives very good advice and provides direction from my guides. After having a reading with her, I feel I have a better understanding of where I need to take my situations in life. If you are searching for clarity and inner peace, I highly recommend Tysa because she is very intuitive and makes the experience very comfortable."
--Okena H, Sherman Oaks, California

"I found Tysa's reading to be spiritually inspiring. She created a very comfortable, relaxed, and open atmosphere during the reading. Aside from freely answering questions and concerns that you might have, Tysa also sheds spiritual light into deeper levels of yourself, illuminating any quandary or situation by the messages she passes along to you. I found the information Tysa brought forth within the reading to be clear, accurate, and intriguing. I highly recommend a reading by Tysa to anyone and everyone."
--Howard W, musician, Chicago, Illinois

"Tysa has her own way of reading without cards, her energy is soft, connected and light."
--Mikala R, Los Angeles, California

"I had a wonderful reading with Tysa. She gave me answers to many questions and doubts that I had. I was impressed how accurate she can be, and I am grateful for her advice. Two members of my family also had a reading with Tysa, and she delivered the messages they needed to know. We are so grateful we met Tysa, and I can't wait to have another reading with her soon. She gave us a clear understanding of our life purpose, hope and peace."
--Luisa V, Santa Clarita, California

"I was stunned by the messages that medium Tysa Goodrich delivered from my friend Ed, who'd passed away, and I strongly felt his presence during the session. The information Tysa brought through was accurate, comforting - and amazing. I left knowing that even though Ed is no longer focused in physical reality, we are still very much in touch."
--Jean-Noel Bassior, author, Los Angeles, California

"My reading with Tysa was so moving. A very dear Aunt of mine passed away suddenly and I was missing her terribly. As Tysa reached her and started conveying to me what my aunt wanted to express to me, I was amazed at how accurate Tysa's descriptions were. Many messages that my Aunt had for me were clearly coming from the life experiences she and I shared together. Nevertheless, Tysa was more than able to understand these symbols and pictures that my Aunt was giving her, to let me know how well my Aunt was doing, and answer all of my questions. I felt my Aunt's presence clearly through Tysa, and I remain so very grateful for this opportunity."
--Teresa Torres, Montessori teacher, New York, New York

"Tysa gave me the greatest gift at each of my parents' passing -- she was able to describe people she could not have known about: the deceased relatives who greeted my parents as they arrived on the other side."
--Dale Carley, actor, musician and channel, Mexico City, Mexico

"Dear Tysa,
      About a year ago I had the privilege to meet you. During that time I was feeling overwhelmed by the necessities and challenges of life, not really quite capable of pinpointing this paralyzing state I was in. It was almost like I was grieving for a lost feeling.
      You invited me to go back to this time in my childhood where I felt so free. The way you were able to empathize brought me closer to myself, to this freedom that I long for. It was almost like meeting an old friend long awaited.
      Your sensitivity to enter into one's world is unique, as well as your level of authenticity. It is this rare authenticity that separates the quality of your work from that of many others. Through this intimate connection, the healing takes place. We also feel that we're not alone: As you work, we receive the gift of knowing that we have always been cared for and guided by those wise and loving spirits beyond the veil of illusion.
      Tysa, thank you for your dedication to make a difference in someone's life, and to your contribution to the emotional healing of broken hearts."
--Chantal Berclaz, psychologist and artist, Malibu, California


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