How This Work Got Started

I have been engaged in house clearing since the early 2000s, since the time I experienced what most would call an unfortunate encounter with a haunted museum while on a research trip for a screenplay I was writing—a story which had nothing to do with ghosts. In the span of three days, I was able to help clear an early-1900s schoolhouse of three wayward spirits, but not without going through a harrowing process of my own. The turn of events over those three days produced much more than I expected. However, I stayed with it, because I just seemed to know I could handle it, and for some inexplicable reason, knew what to do.

...and I wanted to do this healing. I was an empath, and could feel the sorrow and grief associated with two of the ghosts. It meant something to me that I was the one who sensed what was going on, so I made the commitment, even though I had no road map for the journey, or no guarantee that I would have any impact at all.

What I discovered in that small Midwestern town was, not only had the presence of those spirits been affecting the daily operations of the schoolhouse museum and the people associated with it, but the entire community seemed to be under the influence of what I sensed was a great deal of pain. With the help of my guides, and of those others I called upon who were specific to the souls trapped in limbo, I was able to assist their journey to the other side—toward the light.

Tools of the Trade

One of the biggest obstacles I face when confronting resistance by homeowners or realtors is judgment about the authenticity of my work. And I understand...

So let me further complicate it by saying, The most powerful tool I have is my imagination. And there's the rub, isn't it? When I teach workshops on how to become a better intuitive, I begin with that same declaration, and always with the caveat: Accepting that fact is also where you're going to meet with your strongest resistance.

Why? Because there's an abiding judgment out there about the value of our imaginations: "Oh, that's just her imagination." The elevation of logic and reason above all other forces in life has become one of society's most entrusted and entrenched mores. Where does that leave imagination? Dismissed as folly: "Imaginative people are just fantasy-driven" . . . like Einstein, whose Theory of Relativity sparked by a dream.

Imagination is the gateway to the unseen and to the unfamiliar senses—what cannot be sensed with sight, hearing, taste, touch, or smell. Sensing movement and light, substance and voice, warmth and cool, for example, is all part of being an intuitive. Often you hear about spirits causing a room to get cold, and yes, it can sometimes manifest as cool to the touch, but in my experience, it occurs more frequently as a non-physical sense of cool, a feeling rather than a physical sensation, which can cause the body to react as if standing in a cold room. Now that's the power of imagination. It can guide us through and beyond our limitations, and open us up to more of ourselves, and to deeper understandings of the worlds around us.

I also work with crystals, to help me amplify and identify, provide protection, as well as assist with the movement of energy, which encompasses a lot of what I do. I use resonance shifting to clear the space, to set up a new tone and a new sense of movement that is more compatible with what I term a clean slate. Additionally, the crystals help focus my communication with those on the other side as I work with their energies and call upon their guides/loved ones to aid in the healing and movement toward the light.

Yes, and as with any tools of the trade, they are only effective as the person who works with them. That is why I maintain a healthy lifestyle, and continually work with self-healing, to be as clear a channel as I can be. I avoid unhealthy and addictive foods, I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, nor even consume caffeine or sugar. It is all part of my commitment to my work, to my clients, and to myself. Some have said to me, "You must lead a very boring life." And my answer is, "I may experience many things, but boredom is not one of them." And if boredom does happen to slip into my daily routine, I take it as a sign that I need to break up the routine, sharpen my tools, and learn new skill.

Working with people

It is also crucial in spirit clearing to work with the people being affected by any negative energies or pushbacks (like property that just won't sell), and help them heal persoanl resistances, change beliefs: not only about their immediate world, but also beliefs about themselves they may not even be aware of. Sometimes people can be unknowinglingly harboring energies (and/or attachments) that contribute or directly impact the situation. It is their reality being affected.