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      Some critique with their mind, others with their heart—a rare few, with heart and mind. Tysa belongs to the latter group. I profited much from her critiques and her craft. Her writing is not about life; her writing is life, gives readers the experience of being another person. Through her novel I've traveled to places I'll never go, seen scenes that I'll never see, been (vicariously) a person I'll never be. She's the rarest kind of best.
Mal King - Santa Paula, California
Winner of many awards, including Writing for the Soul Nonfiction Writing Award, the Lillian Dean Award
for first page of a novel, and Christian Writers Guild's Operation First Book

     I've conducted writing workshops with Tysa over a number of years. As an evaluator of my writing, she is kind, thoughtful, thorough. In short, Tysa's critiques do exactly what any good critique should do—they show me how to make my writing better.
Greg Elliot - Agoura Hills, California
Greg is a professional writer who
also teaches writing at UCLA.

     Tysa and I have spent many hours talking about story, writing, and creative process. As a peer she is humble, gifted and generous, as a teacher of craft she is confident, insightful, and sensitive to her student's needs, but she also has the wisdom to know when to give just the right kind of advice or make the perfect observation to push you out of your box and into a whole new level of craft. It's not often you find a writer who can teach, and a teacher who can really teach. I value her skills as a storyteller and her trustworthiness as a teacher not to tell me what I want to hear, but to tell me the truth.
Jeff Lyons - Long Beach, California
Story Consultant and Enneagram Expert