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What to Expect

Storytelling Discussion:

Each evening will begin with a brief exploration of a specific storytelling topic within a broad range of subjects such as: the mystery of structure, ways to develop character, conflict, desire, hero's journey, point of view, theme, and tapping the untapped well—where stories come from. Within the discussion there will also be a reading from a published work which helps illuminate these examined ideas through one author's approach.

Quiet Preparation:

The participants will then be guided into a brief meditation, a time to sink inward and blend with forces beyond what we normally experience in everyday life. Music will assist in this 10-minute quiet time.

Writing Prompt:

Following the meditation a writing prompt will be given based on the earlier discussion. By then, the participants will have a good awareness of the topic, and conversely, will have let go of the topic details enough to surrender to the creative space, putting pen to paper and trying it for themselves.

Pen to Paper:

Time to write, fast and furious, or slow and contemplative. About 45 minutes of writing time.

Gentle Critique:

Following the writing, those who wish to read can do so, but it's not required. It is a time to look at your raw, unfiltered writing to see what magic awaits there, what surprises have made their way into your notebook. Encouragement and gentle critique will be provided by the facilitator as well as others in the group who may want to add their remarks. There will already be boundaries in place by which only positively-reinforced comments will be given.