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Tysa Goodrich teaches piano, voice, songwriting, music theory, beginning guitar and ukulele

My daughters have been taking piano lessons from Tysa for 2 years now and both have greatly improved because they enjoy learning from her. We've had a few piano teachers over the years and Tysa is the first piano teacher that I don't have to struggle to ask the girls to practice. They just practice on their own and I think is because Tysa makes it fun and the girls look forward to their lessons....so much that they have taken up learning other instruments from her, such as guitar and ukulele. Tysa has a very unique and creative way of connecting with her students. I've recommended Tysa to a few friends and they all love her and we do too!
    ~ Sandy Hayslip, Los Angeles

To Whom It May Concern:
My daughter started piano lessons with Ms. Tysa when she was 9 years old. Audrey is a reserved and rather shy girl around those she does not know well. Ms. Tysa was miraculously able to break through to her within a couple lessons. Audrey was counting down the days until she had a piano lesson. Ms. Tysa was superior in her ability to want to make the lesson enjoyable. She always tried to incorporate songs or artists that Audrey enjoyed into the learning. I was so sad to hear that Ms. Tysa was moving. We unfortunately have not been able to find another piano teacher however whomever she gets to teach next will be very lucky!
    Jennifer Gagan

Piano and Singing
"Tysa is a wonderful and happy teacher. My two girls (9 & 8 Years old) loved seeing her each week. She was able to balance teaching them how to read music and teaching them how to play by ear. They also loved that she would have them play songs that they liked - from pop to country. We would highly recommend Tysa!"
    ~ Erin Gould (mom)

Songwriting, Guitar and Voice
"My life was in shambles and I saw two options. I could suffer silently or I could finally add music to the lyrics I had been crafting since I was a little girl. I started Guitar lessons not even knowing what a fret was. I'm proud to say that I am now writing music in the form of full length songs! I couldn't have done it without Tysa Goodrich! She was everything I was needing all at once. A teacher, a mentor, and a friend! Words will never explain all the ways she has changed my life forever."
    ~ Maya Garg, Nashville, TN
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