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Sci-Fi/Monster/Horror - Opening Credits Score (for demo purposes only)
All music composed and recorded by Tysa Goodrich

Dark Drama/Thriller Short - Opening Credits (40 sec)

Orchestral Otherworldly with Vocal

Tragic Hero (piano and solo instrument)

Dark Comedy a la Desperate Housewives

Breath of Freedom (excerpt with orchestral arr.)

Healing Pain (atmospheric)

Out of Body (excerpt)

Perfume Commercial

Animated TV Pilot (hot dog pursuit)


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Reel 2
(emotional scenes using sound design approach)

Listen to track excerpts from new meditation music CD

Orchestral uplift to atmospheric regret
(1-minute final scene)

Dark Wood (solo piano)

12-sec Fun/Food/Travel Web Series theme

Mystical Rhythm

Sci-Fi riff (Perfect Storm)