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Sci-Fi/Monster/Horror - Opening Credits Score (for demo purposes only)
All music composed and recorded by Tysa Goodrich

Dark Drama/Thriller Short - Opening Credits (40 sec) - IMDb

Orchestral Otherworldly with Vocal   Listen

Tragic Hero (piano and solo instrument)   Listen

Dark Comedy a la Desperate Housewives   Listen

Breath of Freedom (excerpt with orchestral arr.)   Listen

Healing Pain (atmospheric)   Listen

Out of Body (excerpt)   Listen

Animated TV Pilot (hot dog pursuit)   Listen

80s Action Montage   Listen
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"I have listened to Tysa's music several times. She has great instincts for film scoring. The music/moods were right on. My gut feeling tells me she should search and submit her work to as many people as she can find. Women stand a great chance in the biz... now!"
-- Mundy (2013)
Jazz guitarist, composer and conductor, Mundell Lowe (1922-2017)

Orchestral uplift to atmospheric regret
(1-minute final scene)   Listen

Sci-Fi riff (Perfect Storm)

Dark Wood (solo piano)   Listen

Web Series theme - 12 sec   Listen

Mystical Rhythm