Legend of Glacéere Forest
Episode II: The Magic Between

Story and screenplay by Tysa Goodrich, quarterfinalist in StoryPros 2007 International Screenplay Contest - Legend of Glaceere Forest

There is a world deep within the forest where the wind dances with voice, and where light penetrates the darkness, but no human has ever seen it.

Glacéere “glā-sheer" (no accented syllables)       Solteira (Sōl-tĕr-ra)       Höele (-ĕh-lee)

Legend of Glacéere Forest is a mythical fantasy adventure set in a vast wilderness resembling the British Isles in the early 16th century. A son and daughter of human royalty, born to two different kingdoms bordering opposite sides of an immeasurable dark forest, must each unravel the mystery of their perilous connection to the forest and its inhabitants, before they can face the destiny they share together.
© 2007 Tysa Goodrich


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