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"Fireflies Are Free" opening scene:
PRE-DAWN April 16, 1933
All thoroughfares leading to the Hollywood Bowl are lighted. Glittering streams of cars and subway service trains converge at the Bowl entrance. High on a hill overlooking El Camino Real (Cahuenga Pass) stands the huge Pilgrimage Play Cross, also electrically illuminated. Against the black starlit sky, it becomes a neon beacon for Easter worshippers.
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"Fifty Years of Loving Lucy"

...There aren't very many of us who haven't been tickled and touched by Lucy's innocence, and her driving need to succeed at whatever she chooses to do, even though inevitable "doom" encroaches as each episode unfolds. Her character takes us on a roller coaster ride, keeping us on the edge of our seats, and in front of (what were once) those little black-and-white screens. We can't believe the tangled web she weaves, and we laugh till we cry.

"The Zen of Chia Pets"

...By Christmas Eve morning both of us lay like zombies, our heads at opposite ends of the couch, our bodies smothered in blankets, the floor around us dotted with crumpled tissues. The one constant throughout this holiday fiasco was the continuous jingles blaring from the TV set: "Ch-ch-ch-Chia"--Chia Pets.

"The Multibillion-Dollar Estrogen Myth"

Are you one of over 10 million American women taking the most widely-prescribed synthetic estrogen called Premarin?... More than 75% of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) drugs contain Premarin. At present, women are dying of abnormal blood clotting while using Premarin, PremPro, PremPhase and PremPac-C, but no one is keeping track of these deaths. They're just being lopped into the ever-increasing 100,000 fatalities a year due to medical mistakes.

"Mud Wrap and A Movie"

...As she does with all her clients, Brazilian-born Leonor explains the procedure before beginning her treatment. "Eventually," she says, "you will be wrapped like a burrito." She doesn't like to use the word "mummy," as it seems to spook some of the women. But if you check me out in the picture, I think you'll agree that my husband nailed it when he said I looked like a baked potato!

"Story Research led to Hollywood Bowl Collection" Tysa Goodrich, contributor

...Goodrich is especially interested in ephemera related to the Easter Sunrise Services held at the Bowl in the 1930s... She is working on a screenplay that opens with an early depiction of the service... "My favorite postcard of the Hollywood Bowl is an Angeleno RPPC no. 385 titled Symphonies Under the Stars. The photo, taken up the hill from behind the Bowl at night, has an illuminated view of the audience and the hillside--it sparkles."

"Got Calicum? Think twice before drinking another glass of milk."

...The Dairy Council will happily send you a stack of brochures outlining why the dairy case is the best place to turn for calcium... Between the deactivated enzymes, and the excess protein content in our standard diet, what actually ends up happening inside our bodies is calcium is depleted... Did you know that a young calf would die within one-to-six months if fed pasteurized cow milk?

"Flying May Shrink Your Brain"

Frequent flying across multiple time zones without adequate recovery time from jet lag may shrink the thinking and learning parts of your brain.

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