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Band: "Gambler"
Tues, March 8 - Mon, March 14, 1977
Beckley, West Virginia    ...need info about club
Band: "Gambler"
Tues, March 15 - Sun, March 20, 1977
Princeton, WVA Town-N-Country Motel U.S. Routes 460 & 219 WVA Turnpike & I77 Rm #35 Billy’s Bump and Boogie Lounge - a reconditioned barn on top of a hill not far from the motel
Band: "Gambler"
March/April 1977
Columbus, Ohio Stouffer’s    ...need info about hotel & club
Band: "Gambler"
Mon, April 4 – Sat, April 16, 1977 (2 weeks)
Burlington, Iowa The Lincolnville Motel, 1701 Mt. Pleasant St. Room #4 Downer’s - across the river in Gulfport, IL, played from 10 PM – 4:30 AM
Tysa's postcard note: The club is easy to find because Gulfport is a gas station, a few homes and a carry out store.
Band: "Gambler"
Kokomo, Indiana ...we played on a loft-type stage, where we looked down on the crowd. ??? ...don't know the name of the club
Band: "Gambler"
Late April 1977
Beloit, Wisconsin - Holiday Inn Holiday Inn - missed Friday & Saturday night because I entered Beloit Hospital to have my appendix removed
Band: "Gambler"
Monday, May 23 (travel day) - June 6, 1977 (2 weeks)
Richmond, Indiana - Ramada Inn, Rm 105
(1 minute from I-70 on Rt. 40 W Exit)
Journal: Richmond’s a small but beautiful little town. I went to the Glen Miller Park yesterday (May 26) and just enjoyed all the scenery. There was a small outdoor amphitheater, a small zoo, and some buffalo.
Band: "Gambler"
Tues, June 7 - Sun, June 12 (2 weeks)
Fort Wayne, Indiana - Holiday Inn Holiday Inn - Last gig with "Gambler"

Band: "???"
Mid June 1977?
Cincinnati, Ohio - Practicing with new band
John & Lynn Hargis, leaders
Band: "???" John & Lynn Hargis, leaders
July 25 – Aug 6, 1977 (2 weeks)
Mechanicsburg, PA - Harrisburg-West Holiday Inn
Room 115
Tysa's postcard note: The job is going smoothly -- I'm making $225.00 a week but it all seems to get lost in bills. I believe the band is going to Toledo next week.
Band: "???"
August 1977
Atlanta, Georgia Holiday Inn ...pretty sure
Blue Max 4-piece band itinerary

BLUE MAX 4-piece band
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Aug 24, 1977

Week of (Monday) August 22, 1977
Dayton, Ohio - Quicksilver photo shoot...
drove from Columbus to Dayton and back

Columbus, Ohio - Blue Max begins rehearsals in the basement of Tysa's apartment, corner of Hudson & Neil Ave.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Tues, Sept 20, 1977 (for one month)
Dayton, Ohio Tom Sawyer's Lounge in Miamisburg (just outside of Dayton)
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Late September 1977
Dayton, Ohio University of Dayton - We took one night off from Sawyer's to play this gig for a $1000
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Saturday, Oct 8, 1977
Dayton, Ohio Dayton Journal Herald review comes out...
Read article
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
October 1977
Port Clinton, Ohio Paul Revere Inn - first road gig after Sawyer’s
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
October 1977
Gulfport, Illinois

Downer's - Steve Rhinesmith journal: Then we trekked out to that club gig in Iowa where they canned us after the first night 'cause we didn't play disco. Gary was stopped on the drive back for a headlight out in the Scirocco and got busted when his bag of weed fell down from the sun visor as he fumbled for his license.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Halloween night...
then one week of rehearsal
October 31 - November 7, 1977
Beavercreek, Ohio
Dayton to Ironton, Ohio
Halloween night party gig at "The Mouse That Roared"
Halloween one night party
Rhino's journal: I remember a guy in the first Darth Vader costume I ever saw. After that we all went down to Terry's place in Ironton to practice for a week before going to the gig in Charleston.
Flange Man's journal: The gig was called "The Mouse that Roared". Remember all the Mickey Mouse graphics on the inside? They got sued by Disney and lost their ass.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Thurs, Nov 10 - Sun, Nov 20, 1977

Stayed at Rustic Motel, 5910 MacCorkle Av SW, St. Albans, WVA (5 mi West of Charleston on U.S. 60) - Rm 20
King’s Inn - Charleston, West Virgina
...sound man and Gary's cousin, Rick, over-flanged us in our first live recording.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, Nov 21 - Sat, Dec 4, 1977 (2 weeks)

Lima, Ohio
Ramada Inn, 1210 Newbrecht Rd.
The Squires Lounge
Nov 30, 1977 quote from Lima's The Entertainer:
Blue Max knocking the crowd out at Ramada's Squires Lounge as the hit acts just keep comin. A very strong crowd pleaser and everyone we've talked to agrees. Sometimes Wally likes to sample opinion of a group while away from the premises and its infulence, and we find everyone still likes 'em.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Week of Monday, Dec 5, 1977
Columbus, Ohio The Underground
Steve Rhinesmith: I still have the T-shirt I conned from the pizza shop next door before the gig (I think Terry got one too.) It was freezing cold that night and when we were done we packed up and headed for Florida. (The name of the pizza shop was Sandro's Pizza - and the flip side of the T-shirt said "Unbelievable Meat".)
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Sunday, December 11, 1977

Mon, Dec 12, 1977 - Jan 1, 1978
Punta Gorda, Florida
Holiday Inn - in the Galleon Lounge

Tysa's Postcard note: Hi Mom & Dad, It's beautiful and we love it down here except that we have to play so quiet it's hard to keep the energy flowing.
Travel day - Dayton to Punta Gorda, FL
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Early January 1978
Greenville, Mississippi
Ramada Inn - 2700 Highway 82 East
After this gig was over, we drove separately back to Ohio. I stopped in to see my grandmother, Opal, in Hannibal, Missouri. This was druing the big Blizzard of '78
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Recording in Dayton
January/February 1978

Terry Lowe on drums.
Gary Hill -- our fearless leader -- on guitar, whom we affectionately called Galen Hall.

Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
...some time in February 1978
Middletown, Ohio High School Dance
One nighter
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
late February/March 1978

It is here that we signed a management contract with Mike and Stu
March 9, 1978
Green Mountain Music Corp. Mike Lewis - Stuart Wiener Enterprises LTD., 1650 Broadway, Suite 1011, New York, NY 10019
Warsaw, Indiana
Holiday Inn - 2519 E. Center St.
Canadian Tour
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
...some time in middle March 1978
Sarnia, Ontario
Holiday Inn

Larry Hanes joins the band. Larry will be, forever and always, our #1 sound man!
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
late March 1978

Tysa PC note: The first night the crowd loved us -- I think we have a good chance to up our pay to between $1500.00 and $2,000 [this is for the whole band, mind you] real soon. Obviously, it's getting better and we're on our way up.
London, Ontario
Holiday Inn London City Centre
299 King Street
London, Ontario, Canada
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Early April 1978
Collingwood, Ontario Holiday Inn
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, April 10 - Sat, April 15, 1978

Tysa letter: We just finished tearing down the equipment in Collingwood, drove to, and set up here in Oshawa. The name of the club is the "Auto Pub" and all the walls are decorated with hub caps with mufflers painted red hanging all over the room. It's wild....

There's been a change of plans in the tour. After Ottowa we go to Sudbury, then Cornwall, then to Halifax.

*Gary drove Terry back to Ironton for his mother's funeral. It was a sad time for all of us.
Oshawa, Ontario
Holiday Inn...the The Auto Pub
Harmony Road & Bloor Street

On the shores of Lake Ontario, 32 miles east of Toronto.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, April 17 - Sat, April 29, 1978

Tysa PC note: The name of the lounge here is "The Blind Pig"! Too bad, though, we're in the basement instead of the top floor. Last night we went up and looked out at the city -- it's beautiful.

Steve Rhinesmith (Rhino), our bass player
Ottawa, Ontario
Holiday Inn Ottawa-Centre... The Blind Pig
Larry, always the jokester... keeping us all from killing ourselves

Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, May 1 - Sat, May 6, 1978
Sudbury, Ontario Holiday Inn
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, May 8 - Sat, May 13, 1978
Cornwall, Ontario Holiday Inn
...915 miles to Halifax (something to look forward to -- our next gig)
Sunday, May 14, 1978 travel day
There's a story in here...
Mon, May 15 - Sat, May 27, 1978
Halifax, Nova Scotia

TO OUR GUESTS: Allow us this opportunity to invite you to enjoy our poplular entertainment lounge "Flanagan's" on the lower lobby of this Inn. Appearing May 15 - May 27, 1978 ----- the dynamic sound of: "Blue Max"... We urge you not to miss the entertaining performance of this four piece band from Dayton, Ohio.
   For your listening and dancing pleasure "Blue Max" will be performing Mon - Sat:
    9:00 PM
   10:00 PM
   11:00 PM
   12:00 PM
    1:00 PM

Holiday Inn... Flanagan's
1980 Robie Street, downtown Halifax

Tysa PC note: Dear Mom & Dad,
    Thank goodness this is the last place on our tour. We're very ready to come home. That drive took us 17 hours and that was with no sleep, too. I'll call you sometime when I'm home on the two weeks off. It will probably be after May 31st. Love, Tysa
   mailed May 19, 1978
Sun, May 28 - early June travel time and time off
There's a story in here...
June 1978 Warsaw, Indiana Holiday Inn... The Follow Spot Lounge
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, July 3 - Sat, July 15, 1978
We stayed at The Log Cabins Resort.

Tysa's Postcard note: (Postmarked 7/6/78) Dear Mom & Dad, This is where we are staying this week and next. We have 3 one-room cabins -- just like rustic camping -- it's a big switch from Holiday Inns (better). I was so happy when Mom & Scott came to see us. ( Warsaw)
Port Clinton, Ohio
Paul Revere Inn... 124 Buckeye Blvd.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
    dates ???
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
(across the river from Cincinnati)
Drawbridge Motor Inn and Convention Center Did Blue Max even play here? ... or is there a glitch in my memory?
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
    2nd week of August, 1978 ???
Need more info...

Tysa's letter: (sent early August?) Dear Mom & Dad... We've had these T-shirts for a month and sold already over 25 plus giving them away to music dealers, agents, club owners, plus sending 21 shirts to our managers. ... By the time you get this letter, we'll probably be in Owensboro, Kentucky for one week, then another 2 weeks in Warsaw again, then back up to Pittsfield, Mass. the first week in September at a club called O.B. Joyful's. This is a repeat performance at O.B.'s plus the beginning of probably a 10-week tour of the new England States. After that, our managers are going to help us find a house to rent because we're going to relocate up there. The recording studio work will probably happen after we get all the rest of this behind us.
Owensboro, Kentucky

Somewhere amidst the albatross of sleepless nights and the grueling schedule of our Canadian tour, Gibralo was born. This is the only photograph known to exist of Gibralo.

T-shirts photo taken at next gig -- Warsaw
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
    Last two weeks of August, 1978
Warsaw, IN

10-week New England Tour
Follow Spot Lounge
Need more info...
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
    First week of September, 1978
Pittsfield, Mass

    (Beginning of New England Tour)
O.B.'s (O.B. Joyful's)
According to my letter to Mom & Dad, this first week in September at O.B. Joyful's is a repeat performance... So when did we play here the first time?
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
    dates ???

Albany was only one of a string of Mafia club bookings in New England, thanks to Mike & Stu, our new managers.
Albany, New York     On this gig, we played with another band on the same stage, because the gun-slinging clubowner hated the current band but couldn't break the booking contract (drawing attention to himself), and so he hired us to come in and set up beside them. Both bands alternated sets each night. He packed patrons in like sardines, but he also packed musicians on stage like sardines.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
    dates ???
somewhere in New England
... I need help with dates and chronology of this New England tour.
Where was that club located (another Mafia-owned one) where we played to three people at the bar on a concert-sized stage, all of us separated from each other by about 10 feet?
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Sept 21, 1978

Tysa's Postcard note: (Postmarked 9/21/78) ... This week we're at a club called Sebastian's in Middletown, R.I. After that [meaning after Rosalini's on Sep 26-27 and The Pickle Barrel Sep 28-30], I'm not so sure except that we're trying to get Thanksgiving week off (cross your fingers).
Middletown, Rhode Island
Sebastian’s (Hi-Way Bowl)
West Main Road (Zayre's Plaza)

We stayed at the Newport Motor Inn
    936 West Main Road
    The Hi-Way Bowl
    was a place of we unwound.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Tues, Sept 26 & Wed, Sept 27, 1978
Putnam, Connecticut Rosalini’s
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Sept 28 - (at least) October 2, 1978
Killington, Vermont

The Pickle Barrel
Killington Road

Tysa's Postcard note: (Postmarked 10/2/78) Dear Mom & Dad & Darla, I just wanted you to see this post card -- it's so beautiful up here, great for clearing up my head. We rode on the world's largest ski lift the first day we were here, and everyone loves the band.

Guys, there's a question here. In my letter to my parents, I got the impression that we drove from Warsaw, Indiana to Pittsfield... so I'm not sure if the schedule is right. I need help here.

Tysa's letter: ...All these shots were taken in Warsaw, Indiana except the one of the sunrise.
<------------ That was taken after we had driven all night and still on our way to Pittsfield, Mass.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Mon, Oct 16 - Sun, Oct 22, 1978

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
O.B. Joyful's 137 North Street
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Tues, Nov 7 - Sun, Nov 19, 1978 (2 weeks)
Middletown, RI Sebastian’s
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Monday, Nov. 20th
From this point on, there's some confusion about gigs.
Pawtucket, RI The Edge
...Some kind of showcase on Monday
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Time off... don't know for how long??
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Saturday, December 16, 1978
Columbs, Ohio don't know for how long?? club inside a huge barn After packing up, Larry drove our big white van back to Dayton -- Gary and I rode with him. In the middle of the night, somewhere between Columbus and Dayton, the three of us had a UFO encounter.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
New Year's Eve 1978/1979
Columbs, Ohio A "battle of the bands" showcase. As far as anyone knows, this was held in one of the Ohio State Fairground buildings. Rhino's last gig with the band.
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
Saturday, January 27, 1979
A significant moment in my career -- the birth of hope amidst a painful breakdown. The Doobie Brothers are the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. They performed two Michael McDonald songs, "What a Fool Believes" and "Takin' It To The Streets."
Band: "Blue Max 4-piece"
early 1979...
This is a black hole in the timeline. I think I was stuck in Dayton not gigging, and starting a fantasy dream that would culminate with my eventual move to California in '83.
Blue Max 6-piece band itinerary

BLUE MAX 6-piece band
Band: "Blue Max 6-piece"
March 1979

I don't know if this was the first gig with the 6-piece band, or not? I know that Gary and I went down to Ashland, Kentucky to rehearse with the new members. Steve Rhinesmith was gone, now replaced by bass player, Harry Frey. Terry Lowe, our drummer, also hit the dusty trail... but he's not gone for good, thank God! I missed Gibralo.
Lafayette, Indiana
Lou & Jerry's... stayed in band house
20 North Earl Street
Blue Max was now 6 pieces. Our new members are Gary Donalson on keys, Harry Frey on Bass, Keith Justice on drums, and Mick Atherton on lead vocals. Not only that, we had two roadies and a sound man with us on the road.

Gary D... I'm going to need some help from you to clarify the sequence of our gigs. When were we at your house for rehearsals? Was that with Keith or Terry?
March 25, 1979
I drove to Indy from our Lafayette gig.
Indianapolis, Indiana
I need help with details about this?
Attended Gino Vannelli concert
Brother To Brother/'79 Tour
Band: "Blue Max 6-piece"
April/May 1979 ??
Did we stay in the band house again?
Anyone know what dates we were here?

Lafayette, Indiana
Lou & Jerry's
Orchestron - mine with silver flight case ^
Band: "Blue Max 6-piece"
June 29, 1979
Dayton, Ohio One night concert with Hoyt Axton
I remember singing "Magic Man" by Heart
Who was on this gig?
Band: "Blue Max 6-piece"
August 4, 1979

You can't believe that we hauled all of our equipment up a ladder. (see right side of house) The band faced a green hillside of concertgoers. Gary played his new hollow-body Gibson through a Crate amp stack.

It was Dave Botin’s house -- just up the hill from Grayson Lake.

Grayson, Kentucky
Clifty Creek Acres Concert

Band: "Blue Max 6-piece"
more gigs Gary D, Terry... I need your help filling out this schedule. I know we went to Lou & Jerry's more than once, didn't we?

In between & out of sight

Recouping at parents' house after
    Blue Max 6-piece breakup...
as well as a breakup with its guitar player

Thursday, December 20, 1979
Des Moines, Iowa

UFO Sighting
        Read newspaper article
Trying to recoup my missed final quarter at Ohio State by attending...
"University of Iowa" (Jan - Mar 1980)
Iowa City, Iowa
But as it turned out, making good on that missed quarter two years previously (when I skipped out during finals' week to play my first road gig) required a lot more time in school than I imagined, so after one quarter, I was talked back to Dayton to resume my touring and my relationship with Gary.
Rehearsed with local band... we may have played a VFW and maybe a one-nighter at Gabe's. I do remember seeing Jeff Lorber at the Cro's Nest and Bonnie Raitt at U of Iowa -- the next day Bonnie's slinking down the street hiding behind large sunglasses, but who could mistake that glowing face and radiant hair.
Blue Max 6-piece band itinerary

Blue Max II... the duo
Personal: June 8, 1980 Pictured above: Cyberteknics' recording guru Phil Mehaffey, and Steve Smith, bass player, who would later work with Little Rock. Beaverton, Ohio

Front & center: Jim Gartner, drummer (wild man), known for his frequent discussions on the P-funk

Got married
Above: Gary carrying my Rhodes piano, along with my friend, Stan Loeb, who's face will be visible in later photo.

Before and after shots of the bride...
<---------------            --------------->
My sister, Darla, friend Sandy, and me -- this picture pretty much tells it.
We had a jam session during the wedding reception... lots of musicians around.
Band: "Blue Max II" (2-piece)
?? 1980
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Stouffer's (Five Seasons)
Band: "Blue Max II" (2-piece)
?? 1980
Toledo, Ohio Harley Hotel
Band: "Blue Max II" (2-piece)
October 1980
Cleveland, Ohio Harley Hotel
Little Rock Itinerary

Little Rock
Band: On the way to join "Little Rock":
January 9th, 1981
Somewhere between
Columbus, Ohio and Houston, Texas
Doobie Brothers were featured on the Tonight Show. Johnny Carson promoted "One Step Closer" and spoke with Patrick Simmons in between the band's performances of the title track and "Keep This Train Rolling."
Band: "Little Rock"
Mon. Jan 12 - Sat. Feb 21, 1981
Houston, Texas
Adams Mark Hotel
2900 Briarpark Dr. at Westheimer
Karen Deal's last job with the band. Tysa replaces her in final weeks.
Hours: 9 PM - 2 AM, Mon-Sat
Band makes $2250 per week
Band: "Little Rock"
February 23 - March 7, 1981

Joplin ... see below
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Ramada Inn
I-55 at William Street

It's interesting that the name of the room is "The Landing"... because this photo shows us hanging out in what looks like some kind of jetway, or hanger, ready to be loaded (or already loaded).

Does anyone (Donna, Larry, Toni, Gary or Russell (and Steve, if we can ever find you) know what the story is behind this hallway experience?

According to Donna, this is Dennis Plaster's last job with the band, but here is Steve in the picture. He must've been rehearsing with us. Is this photo taken just before leaving the gig?

What the hell does Steve have in his hand?     ---------------->
The Landing
Band: "Little Rock"
Mon, March 9 - Sat. March 21, 1981
6 nights per week
Joplin, Missouri
Holiday Inn
3615 Rangeline Road
Waterwheel Lounge
Steve Smith joins the band.
We made $2500 per week as a band 4 rooms
Band: "Little Rock"
March 1981
Louisville, Kentucky
Rodeway Inn
Where we got busted for illegal long distance phone usage. Also, where we prepared for the big showcase.
Band: "Little Rock"
Tues, April 7 - Sun, April 19, 1981     YUCK! I don't look so good.
Lansing, Michigan
? Motel... came to be known as Paco's Motel
Wayside Lansing
410 S. Clippert St.
This picture was taken behind the club next to the railroad tracks.

Band: "Little Rock"
Tues, April 21 - Sun, May 3 1981

Contract: "Group agrees not to perform in member changes since this contract was issued. Group may practice from 2 PM - 4:30 PM any day except Fridays."
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Best Western Motel

$2250 + 4 rooms less commission
Hours 9 PM - 2 AM, 5 - 40 minute sets
Wayside East, 834 King Highway
Donna Faye journal: According to my photo album, Steve Smith's birthday would have been in April since that is the month we were in Kalamazoo, MI and threw the whipped cream pie in his face.
Band: "Little Rock"
May 1981
Columbus, Ohio ...then time off in:
New York City
Tysa drives Donna's blue Mustang from Columbus to New York.
T, T, and D stay at Toni's friend's NY apt
Tysa, Toni & Donna get voice lessons from Sue Seaton.
Band: "Little Rock"
Tue, May 19 – Sun, June 21, 1981 (5 weeks)
Clearwater Beach, Florida
Caribbean Gulf Hotel ...but stayed at Woodside Village Condos in Largo, FL
Jack's Place
All of us attended a Memorial Day party at Jerry Lambert's in Madeira Beach, FL
Road trip from hell
Clearwater Beach to Joplin
Toni Glover journal: Larry and I drove about 10-12 hours from Fla. to Atlanta. I gave up the wheel about 2 hours out of Atlanta (we had dropped off Steve -- who Miles and I had fired in Clearwater so we could hire Michael). I stopped driving and went to sleep in the van. When I woke up several hours later, we were in the same place, because we had had to go back to the same truckstop to have Donna's car fixed 2 or 3 times. I was livid !!!!…and demanded that we move on immediately even if it meant leaving her goddamned car!! Later that afternoon as we approached Joplin, I was driving the van, in the lead of 5 vehicles. When I looked in my side mirror, I could see the cars weaving in and out of our lane. I realized that everyone was so tired that one of us could wreck at any time. Knowing this, I actually took out my address book and laid it open on the dash of the van so that I could call the families of those who died in the wreckage.
Band: "Little Rock"
Mon. June 22 - Sat. July 4, 1981
Joplin, Missouri
Holiday Inn

Korg ES-50 Polyphonic Ensemble
Waterwheel Lounge
After major road breakdown, set up and played Monday night -- having had no sleep for two days.
Hours were 8:30 PM to 1 AM 6 nights
$2500 per week + 4 rooms

Biamp Keyboard Equalizer
Band: "Little Rock"
July 1981

Dallas, Texas
Toni's dad's place
time off... discussed buying a road bus with Toni's dad
Band: "Little Rock"
Mon. July 6 - Sat. Aug 1, 1981
Kansas City, Missouri
Sheraton Royal Hotel
9103 East 39th Street
across from the Truman Sports Complex
Restaurant that served rattle snake... Remington's
$2400 per week, Mon-Sat
Quincy’s... official band shot was taken here
Band: "Little Rock"
August 1981
Memphis, Tennessee
Here we worked up songs for upcoming showcase:
Rodeway Inn
SONGLIST - "This Is It"; "Best of Times"; "Fantasy"; "Upside Down"; "The Rose"; "Gone At Last"; "Aint Gonna Stand"; "Good Lovin'"; "Enough is Enough"
Band: "Little Rock"
August 1981
Nashville, Tennessee
Recording session & Billboard showcase
Pollyfox Studio (Glen Fox)
38 Music Square East #212 Here,
Band: "Little Rock"
August 17 - September 5, 1981
Providence, Rhode Island
Marriott Providence
Charles at Orms Street

On our day off, Donna and I were able to attend the 1981 Newport Jazz Festival. I was thrilled to see Lionel Hampton. (pictured here) ---->

In 1981, George Wein brought the festival back to Newport, an alcohol-free, daytime event in Fort Adams State Park. The festival hadn't been in Newport since 1971, after some young rebels crashed the gates, and police were called in. That year, the city of Newport ordered a stop to the festival.

So, Donna and I were witnesses to the first Newport Jazz Festival since 1971.

Band: "Little Rock"
September 7 - 26, 1981
Syracuse, New York
Marriott Syracuse
Marriott Drive at Carrier Pkwy

These Kung Fu outfits were too cool.

I bought my Oberheim OB-Xa synthesizer in Kansas City, but I didn't receive it 'til we were in Nashville. It was shipped to Limeliters at 50 Music Square West.
Hoodledashers Lounge

Band: "Little Rock"
October 5 - 31, 1981
Houston, Texas
Adams Mark Hotel

This picture was taken on stage at Quincy's in Houston this second time there.
Contract reads:

Band: "Little Rock"
Mon, Nov 2, 1981 - Sat, Nov 28, 1981
Charlotte, North Carolina
Sheraton Center
555 S. McDowell Street
???... I need some help with this one
8 PM to 1 AM, Mon - Sat
$2500 per week for the band + 4 rooms

name unknown

Band: "???"
Late November/December 1981
Marietta, Ohio Holiday Inn... Woody's
701 Pike St.
Band: "???"
December ?? - New Year's Eve 1981
Clarksburg, West Virginia Holiday Inn??

Backbone Itinerary


Band: "Backbone" January 1982 Columbus, Ohio
Rehearsal at Jim Tucke's house
Jim Tucke - leader & drummer, Mark Cornelius - bass, David Vansuch - saxohpone & fiddle, Carolyn Chinen - vocals & trumpet, Bill Coleman - guitar, Tysa - keyboards & vocals
Band: "Backbone"
Feb 2 - Feb 14, 1982
Columbus, Ohio
Hilton Inn-East
4560 Hilton Lane
Room #214
Tysa's postcard note: The new band "Backbone" sounds better and better. I have never played with such prolific musicians. Can't wait till we get on the road again. Be here for two weeks.
Band: "Backbone"
First two weeks of March, 1982

Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
Cincinnati Drawbridge Motor Inn
I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Room 4144
Hotel Lounge
Tysa's postcard note: Be here till March 13th. I'm in room # 4144. Ther's an indoor pool and a real nice running track, and the weather's starting to break so now I'm sure I can get some good excercise in.
Band: "Backbone"
March 15 - March 27, 1982
Jamestown, New York
Holiday Inn
150 West 4th Street
Room 325
Hotel Lounge

Tysa's postcard note: This is where I'll be until March 27th. March 29th, the band is going to record two of my songs. Phil (the engineer at the studio), finally consented to bring us in for the first trial session, so I'm under pressure to whip it into shape for the next two weeks. He wants me to produce the whole thing. I'm a little bit nervous, but extremely excited and anxious.
Band: "Backbone"
??? 1982
Columbus, Ohio
Rodeway Inn??
Band: "Backbone"
April 12 - May 8, 1982
Syracuse, NY
Marriott Syracuse

Tysa & Tucke on a well-deserved break
Hoodledashers Lounge
Band: "Backbone"
??? 1982
Indianapolis, Indiana
Adams Mark
Band: "Backbone"
??? 1982
Kansas City, Missouri
Adams Mark

... the rest of itinerary is still
under construction

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Band: "Indiana Jones"
December 1982
Indianapolis, Indiana
Drive to California and beyond...

Drive to California and beyond...
On my own: "Drive to California"
February 1983
first landed in Santa Barbara, California
My friend Leah's apartment
Milpas Street