Little Rock

Woodland Hills Reunion 2004

Wild Coyotes home

Woodland Hills property:
First Set:
Musicians: Tysa Goodrich (keyboards/vocals)
    Toni Glover (vocals) Terry Lowe (drums)
Donna Faye Harman (vocals) Bob Glaub (bass)
    Gary Clements (guitar/vocals)
Added to Musicians: Dale Carley (trumpet/vocals)
    formerly with Count Basie
Toni, Terry, Bob & Donna
    Bob formerly with Dave Mason
Later on:
Bob Glaub & Gary Clements
    The moonlit night is having its effect...
Dennis Blanchette (db sound & The Case Place) & Russell Housen
    Russell former soundman with Little Rock

You may be asking yourself, "What's that old band picture behind the stage?" Click here to view "Little Rock" in 1981.