Journey to Transcendence

NEW meditation music CD...
meditation music for soul & Spirit

all music composed and recorded by
by Tysa Goodrich

* Release date: November 21, 2012

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Journey to Soul's Temple

a meditation music CD...
specially created for Baratta's guided meditations

all music recorded live in-studio
by Tysa Goodrich

2004 release

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     1. Protection: Canopy of Trees Envelops You (4:02)
     2. Darkness Settles in the Forest (4:15)
     3. Cloak of Intimacy (5:36) Listen
     4. Catch of Breath as you Enter the Temple (4:11)
     5. The Wounding, The Shadow, The Light (7:24)
     6. Pulling out the Darkness (5:20) Listen
     7. Your Beauty & Light (2:37)
     8. Standing Before Your Soul -- Luminous (5:34)
     9. Flirting with the Nature Spirits (2:19) Listen

This was the music I created for Baratta meditations Awakening and Embracing the Beauty of You and Discovering the Wonder of Your Soul. I sat with two synthesizers and a tape recorder, and just played what came to me, using various combinations of synth patches to help make my live recording as full and rich as possible. The music is meant to take you on a journey, beyond relaxation into the depths of emotional realness, healing, connection to the divine, and spirited pleasure.